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Press Release A personal health tech revolution: Health Tech & You Awards

Image A personal health tech revolution: Health Tech & You Awards

A global search for the most exciting and behaviour-changing new personal health technology devices, ideas and research is underway, with the launch of AXA PPP Health Tech & You.

AXA PPP healthcare, 2020health, and the Design Museum have come together with a programme that explores the latest innovations in personal health technology,
and asks how this rapidly growing
sector is influencing our behaviour.

An awards scheme, forum and exhibition will take a snapshot of recent health tech developments, and examine what these changes could mean for designers, healthcare professionals and users of new technologies. Importantly, it will capture the potential influence and impact on the public’s approach to managing its own health.
We are witnessing radical change in the way we access information about our
health and wellbeing. By July 2014, 63% of visits to the NHS choices website
were through a mobile device compared with 26% in 2011. There are already
four times as many visits in 2014 as there were in 2011 (41.4m so far up from
a total of 10.2m in 2011)¹. We have been less adventurous about taking
charge of our personal health online, but now a groundswell of portable,
wireless health tech entering the market, along with electronic healthcare
records, are inviting us to collect our own data, and integrate our healthcare
into everyday life.
A new generation is already adopting a wide variety of technologies to help
them become healthier and more active. This presents a challenge to the
exciting new inventions and the designers behind them, these awards will
recognise the organisations and clinicians who are developing effective new
digital approaches to managing patients, whilst navigating the fears of those
who question the security of the personal data that digital techniques can

The AXA PPP Health Tech & You Forum on 16 October 2014 will identify
and explore the opportunities, along with the ethical, political and lifestyle
issues, caused by this wave of change.

The exhibition at the Design Museum in March 2015 will bring together a
long-list of important health tech innovations from around the world, and
present them in an engaging and accessible way to give everyone an insight
into the nascent changes to our everyday lives. From this long-list of
innovation, a series of awards will be made to individuals and organisations
that represent the best of their kind in six categories: Staying Healthy,
Managing Conditions, Signs and Symptoms Checker, Best R&D Product,
Most Innovative Organisation, and a special category which will this year
focus on Pregnancy, Birth and Early Years.

The AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards will invite entries from everyone,
including start-ups, multinational technology companies, public and private
health organisations, academic research labs and individual entrepreneurs. A
global call for entries will be announced at the Health Tech & You Forum on
16 October, when entries open online., which launches on 10 September, will become a goto
place to see an up to date edit of the best and most interesting innovations
reaching the market worldwide. It will be a much-needed source of information
about the latest devices and technology to improve and maintain personal

Context: why now?

• This joint initiative of AXA PPP healthcare, 2020health and the Design Museum is an attempt to put the health technology revolution into a wider context: to look at how it can change lives and society, from the detail of wearable health technology to the treatment of long-term conditions. It will raise questions, and celebrate the best of new design and innovation in the personal healthcare sector.

• The average UK adult now spends more time using media or communications (8 hours 41 minutes) than they do sleeping (8 hours 21 minutes - the UK average). Over four in 10 households (44%) now have a tablet - up from a quarter (24%) a year ago. More than a quarter (28%) of those over 55 now own a tablet and many use it as their main computing device. Almost nine in ten (88%) of 16-24s own a smartphone, compared with 14% among those aged 65+.23.³

• Digital technology has reshaped sector after sector of our lives, both public and personal. It came early in some sectors: recorded music, photography and film. Communications, finance, publishing, commerce, news media and additive manufacturing followed. These changes are transforming our lives at an accelerating pace, with dramatic impacts that have been positive in many respects, but have also had costs in such areas as employment, and privacy. Instagram had less than a handful of employees when it was acquired by Facebook for $1bn, compared with the 80,000 skilled jobs that Kodak supported at its height.

• With an overwhelming amount of information in our interconnected world, there is an accompanying force of misinformation. Choosing the right information from a trusted source is important, particularly where health is concerned. The AXA PPP Health Tech & You website aims to create an edit of reliable and up to date information.

• The NHS and health providers are already using new technologies to change the way conditions are monitored and managed. Using mobile technologies is a part of the NHS’ strategy to deliver care in a highly personalised and efficient way. 70 apps were produced by a variety of organisations and the reviewed by the NHS to make sure that they were clinically safe. In March 2013 there were 13,000 health applications. The app library gives a small proportion the NHS stamp of approval and aims to give individuals access to health information ‘at the touch of a button’.(4)

• This is an initiative with truly international reach. Through the exhibition and AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards, we aim to identify the most exciting innovations happening in health tech now. Silicon Valley is the global hotbed of health tech innovation, but, through a call to enter the Awards, we will exhibit the most up to date and exciting developments from all over the world. In the developing world, for instance, where smart phones are becoming widespread (5), new mobile technology that assesses health concerns remotely promises to allow for the remote assessment of individual conditions.

³Office of National Statistics, Statistical Bulletin, Internet Access-­‐Households and Individuals, 2013

(4) NHS England, 2013, ‘NHS commissioning board launches library of NHS reviewed phone apps
to keep people healthy’


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AXA PPP Health Tech & You

AXA PPP Health Tech & You

This Forum brought together some of the most innovative pioneers and kick started the 2014 awards process through demonstrating new, consumer focused health and wellbeing technology, as well as debating the impact such technology will have on people's lives.

The event was opened by guest speaker George Freeman MP, Life Sciences Minister.

For more information about 'Health Tech and You' please visit the website: read on AXA PPP Health Tech & You