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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Press Release AXA PPP Health Tech & You 2015 - Shortlisted Entries

Details of the shortlisted entries:

Keep Me Healthy

A category of health tech that helps individuals look after themselves.

Brush DJ: An NHS approved free app developed by dentist Ben Underwood. The app motivates toothbrushing for an effective length of time by playing 2 minutes of music taken at random, or from a playlist on the user’s device. Brush DJ also allows users to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss, use a mouth-rinse and when next to see their dentist or hygienist. (
Nuffield HealthScore: A new online, mobile fitness and lifestyle tool developed by Nuffield Health in collaboration with Dacadoo. It allows you to monitor your health and wellbeing anytime, anywhere. The tool has six key components – Exercise Activity, Nutrition Coach, Step Counter, Body Composition, Sleep Monitor and Stress Manager –to provide a holistic picture of your general health. (
Sleepio: This digital sleep improvement programme was created by sleep expert Professor Colin Espie (University of Oxford) and ex-insomnia-sufferer Peter Hames, from Big Health Ltd. Sleepio's animated sleep expert, 'The Prof', teaches you cognitive and behavioural techniques to get your sleep on track. The programme is personalised based on your sleep diaries, and can integrate tracked data from wearable devices. Sleepio is clinically proven to help overcome even long-term poor sleep, without pills. (
PIP Biosenor & Apps: This stress management device was created by Galvanic, a start-up based in Dublin. The PIP biosensor measures Electro Dermal Activity (EDA) - a scientifically proven indicator of emotional stress, in the fingertips. Stress levels are displayed, in real-time, in PIP’s Apps, influencing progress in these gaming-style Apps. See how stress slows your progress – and how relaxing improves it. Together the PIP biosensor and Apps helps users measure, understand and, over time, learn to manage stress. (

Signs and Symptoms

A category of health tech that helps people check out signs and symptoms when individuals are not feeling well and finding health technology innovations that provide simple, easy to understand information and guidance on where to go next.

BRUISE: Created by Elena Dieckmann, Lucy Jung, Dan Garrett and Ming Kong (graduates from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London), this wearable tech is an injury detection suit for disabled athletes with loss of sensation, enabling them to see injuries right when they happen. The initial idea came from an interview with Paralympic sit-skier Talan Skeels-Piggins who talked about the frequency of crashes he had in training and competing, and the complications in detecting and assessing the severity of injuries in his legs. (
Symptom Checker: This online symptom checker on is powered by Isabel Healthcare. The web-based platform enables patients to find out more about their symptoms and provides them with evidence based insights and advice that can help them to feel more empowered when discussing their symptoms with their GP. (
QardioArm: Developed by Qardio Inc., this smart wireless blood pressure monitor fits into daily life, helping more people improve their heart health. Clinically tested to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate with accuracy whilst automatically connecting to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, for a simple and effortless measurement. (
Otoscope & Opthalmoscope: Developed by Cupris Health who turn smartphones into medical devices using patent-pending clip-on attachments, which connect to a web-based service allowing clinical information to be securely transmitted between healthcare practitioners and their patients. These are their first two devices, otoscope (for ear examinations) and ophthalmoscope (for eye examinations), that capture, and securely store in the Cloud, clinical images and patient data for sharing between clinicians. (

Manage My Condition

This category celebrates health tech that helps people to self-manage their conditions daily.

• POW Health: Founder & CEO Ifty Ahmed is passionate about empowering people with a smarter way to manage health information, track health progress, support one another and share information with doctors. This health platform allows you to manage all your health in one place, created to make the most of today’s connected devices and technologies. By bringing people together they hope to help people take more control over their health and help create better treatments for everyone! (
• iHealth Align: Developed by iHealth labs Europe, this is the world’s smallest, most portable mobile glucometer. The meter plugs directly into your smartphone’s headphone jack, and displays results instantly on the phone screen. Its compact size and mobile sync capability make it a small and powerful tool for diabetes management. (
• AWARE: Developed by London product designer Megan Harley, this unique wristband is worn at night and is specifically aimed at people living with bipolar disorder. It provides them with a way to measure, monitor and manage their sleep, to ultimately become aware before a possible relapse, as sleep acts as a prominent bio-marker in people with bipolar disorder. (
• Aseptika: Aseptika Limited are behind this home-based test, a healthcare company developing and marketing an integrated suite of self-monitoring devices and services under the Activ8rlives brand. The Aseptika integrated solution supports consumers in staying well with a respiratory disease focus. The test aims to predict flare-ups in chest infections in those who have long-term respiratory conditions with the hope of reducing hospital admissions and improving healthcare. (

Most Innovative Provider

This category celebrates new approaches from healthcare providers that empower people to utilise health technology in new ways.

• Babylon: Babylon Healthcare Services LTD has developed the world’s first integrated digital healthcare service providing healthcare in more convenient and accessible ways. With the growing power of mobile devices, Babylon can deliver healthcare direct to your smartphone anywhere, anytime. Any UK resident is able to download the app which gives them access to instant consultations with carefully selected clinicians or to have their healthcare questions answered by a registered clinician. (
eRedbook: The eRedbook is the UK’s digital Personal Child Health Record, providing parents and clinicians with the tools they need to effectively manage a child’s health and development from day one. Developer Sitekit has worked in collaboration with the NHS since 2004 and has a mission to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives, assisted by joined-up digital services. (
Living It Up (LiU): This digital self-management health ‘hub’ is developed by NHS 24 to support the healthcare and wellbeing of over 50s in Scotland, although it could also be of benefit to people living with long-term conditions, care givers and those who just want to keep healthy, happy and safe. This person centred digital service is co-designed with 3000+ users with key services including supporting community resilience and capacity building – matching individuals' skills and interests to areas that keep them healthy, active and well; personalised hyper-local information for healthcare and wellbeing; and providing tools and information to enable people to take command of their own healthcare. (
Optima-life: Optima-life works with organisations to positively influence the resilience, performance and wellbeing of their people, both at and away from work. Interactive programmes explore the links between health, wellbeing and performance and provide users with a Lifestyle Assessment using the Firstbeat Bodyguard monitor. Worn for a 72 hour period, heart rate and heart rate variability data is collected in real life situations and mapped against an e-diary kept by the individual. Motivational reports produced look at the body’s response to stress, recovery, sleep, underlying fatigue, physical load and exercise. The Optima-life professionals bring the data to life, help people become engaged with resilience and wellbeing, and motivate them to take ownership of proactive and positive health, wellbeing and performance behaviours. (

Best R&D Product

This award category is where you get a glimpse into the future of health tech. The shortlisted innovations won’t have hit the market yet and will push beyond all current health technology boundaries.

Lightscores: This interactive training tool developed by ALLES oder LICHT e.U. supports motoric coordination of visually impaired, blind or multiple handicapped children. Consisting of several portable wireless sensor devices, it measures the different light intensities and colour ambiences along the body surface, translating those into sounds. This invites children to discover lightspaces through moving and listening, allowing them to hear what they don’t see right away. Developed light ambiances and compositions are adapted to the motorical capacity and training focus of the children sharpening their awareness and visual - acoustic perception. (LIGHTSCORES is realized with Impuls_XS funding of Austrian Wirtschaftsservice AWS). (
Elvie: This exercise tracker, developed by women's wearable tech company Chiaro, works with an accompanying app to provide women with real-time guidance and feedback as they do their pelvic floor exercises. With more than one in three women experiencing physical problems, this is one of the last unchartered territories in women's health. Core strengthening is important for women who have had a baby, do a lot of high impact sports and as they age. Designed by women for women, this ‘small pebble shaped pod’ is a wearable technology worn on the inside and contains force and motion sensors to give real time feedback. Women can be shown how to exercise correctly (30% push down instead of lifting) and track their LV strength score which improves confidence and motivation. (
• Flowy: Playlab London has developed this tool for people who experience panic attacks. The game digitally delivers breathing retraining, which is the oldest technique known to reduce anxiety. Six minutes of play is said to limit symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. (
• LUMO: Lumo is a small portable tool that enables blind people to read shapes, graphs, diagrams and colours directly from paper, a text book or a sketchbook, and to draw in colour. It translates colours into sound and black lines into tactile feedback. Anna Wojdecka, an industrial designer, developed this graphic reader while studying at the Royal College of Art and tested prototypes with blind people at the Royal National Institute of the Blind and Imperial College London. Now Anna is working in a team to secure investment and launch the product. (

Special Category: Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Early Years

Our special category this year focuses on health tech designed to support you and your family throughout your pregnancy, birth and your children's early years.

• Baby Buddy: A mobile app developed by Best Beginnings, a charity dedicated to ending child health inequalities in the UK. Aimed at parents and parents-to-be, the app pitched as ‘your digital best friend’ provides personalised content approved by doctors and midwives that spans from pregnancy right through to the first six months after birth. It is endorsed by the Department of Health. (
• Duo Fertility: CTC Ltd, a digital health platform company, with an initial application in fertility, has created a proprietary formula that combines a patented physiological sensor technology worn on the skin, advanced data analytics and personalized support service. CTC’s flagship product, DuoFertility, is approved by the European Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide continuous real-time monitoring of multiple physical parameters that help women track ovulation. (
Mind the Bump: Developed by Australian based not-for-profit organisation's Smiling Mind and beyondblue, this Mindfulness Meditation App aims to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent. It provides tailored exercises to support mental and emotional wellbeing from day one of pregnancy through to 24 months after birth. The program is for mothers, fathers, single parents and same sex couples. (
BleepBleeps: Developed by BleepBleeps, a new tech parenting brand who describe themselves as ‘tools, technology and content that help everyone become a great parent’. The first range of products for design savvy parents (and parents-to-be) is connected devices which sync with a smartphone app for tracking and guidance. (

Press Release Health Tech Finalists Revealed

Health Tech Finalists Revealed

AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards Shortlisted Entries to be Showcased at the Design Museum read on Health Tech Finalists Revealed