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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Press Release Health tech revolution showcased at Design Museum in joint initiative with AXA PPP & 2020health

Top innovations go on public display ahead of AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards.


From today visitors to the Design Museum can experience the latest innovations in personal health technology. As part of the first ever AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards, the showcase offers the chance to see and interact with 24 shortlisted Awards entries, putting the health technology revolution into a wider context for the benefit of everyone who wants to improve and maintain their health.

AXA PPP Health Tech & You, a joint initiative led by AXA PPP healthcare with the wellbeing think tank 2020health and the Design Museum, aims to recognise, celebrate and showcase the best in personal health technology innovations and present them in an engaging and accessible way to give the public an insight into this rapidly evolving field.

Open to all from 10 March – 26 April, 2015 the exhibition celebrates a unique mix of innovative entries from individuals, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals from the UK and around the world. It investigates some of the biggest questions and implications surrounding the personal health technology revolution and allows the public to see what health technology is already available to them.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to:
• Lie on specially installed bed to experience an app designed to improve the quality of our sleep using cognitive behavioural therapy

• Interact with a pen that translates colour into sound, allowing visually impaired people to recognise shapes and draw in colour

• See and feel a revolutionary injury detection suit for disabled athletes with loss of sensation – allowing them to see where injuries have happened in real-time

• Experience how a ‘digital buddy’ transforms the knowledge and support for pregnant mums and young parents through their mobile phone

The ‘Wall of Questions’ will encourage visitors to explore the potential of this new and growing industry both onsite and online. Initial questions include:

• What life-changing condition should be a focus for the world’s health tech innovators?

• Should using health tech be seen as a social responsibility in order to reduce pressure on the health service?

• Some health tech allows you to record personal data and share it with a health professional. Who do you think owns this information?

Julia Manning, Chief Executive of 2020health, says: “Having seen all the great nominations to these inaugural Awards it is really exciting to see the shortlisted entries brought to life. We have wanted to share with the public how new digital health technologies can improve information, control and understanding and these Awards have allowed us to do that.”

James Freeston, Marketing Director, AXA PPP healthcare, says: “We are delighted to be able to bring together all 24 shortlisted entries to the inaugural AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards in one dynamic space. The health technology revolution provides a real opportunity to inspire behavioural change and enable people to take greater control of their own and their families’ health – whether at home, at work or at leisure. AXA PPP healthcare decided to lead this initiative to bridge the gap for consumers and demonstrate how apps, gadgets and devices can and will help maintain and improve health. We hope that the visitors to the Design Museum will learn more about health technology, interact with it and step into a new world of possibilities.”

Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, says: “Digital technology is triggering a revolution in the way that we think about our health that is as dramatic in its impact as anything that has already happened in finance, education or entertainment. The questions raised by this transformation of the relationship between us and our doctors, and other health professionals, will change everything. For the first time we can ask our smart phone, ‘how am I’?"

The exhibition runs from 10th March – 26th April, 2015 at the Design Museum, Shad Thames, near Tower Bridge, London. The museum is open daily between 10am and 5.45pm.

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Press Release Designing the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Brand

Designing the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Brand

We knew from the start of this project that we wanted to create a brand, rather than just a piece of interesting graphic design for a forum, showcase and awards. The personal health tech industry is new and growing, with a potentially far-reaching impact, so it felt like the partnership between AXA PPP healthcare, the Design Museum and 2020health was a piece of long-term storytelling rather than a one-off show. read on Designing the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Brand