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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Sky News This Strike doesn't solve anything - says leading think tank on Junior Doctors' Strike

Today thousands of junior doctors are on strike over the terms of the government’s proposed new contract, which proposes changes to pay and hours and could see the hours eligible for overtime pay cut by 25%. Over 37,000 of the UK’s 55,000 junior doctors are members of the British Medical Association, the body that called the strike.

Julia Manning, Chief Executive of 2020health, discussed the Junior Doctors' Strike on Sky News.

As a result of the walk-out 4,000 operations have been cancelled, and two more days of industrial action have been proposed. The Government has condemned the strikes, saying that they were 'damaging and cause real difficulties for patients' and has called for an end to the strikes.

Julia Manning, Chief Executive of 2020health said:

“Doctors, hospital managers & the public are all caught in the crossfire between the BMA and Jeremy Hunt. This strike doesn't solve anything. At the moment we are concerned that this means we will end up with fewer doctors feeling more exploited and spread more thinly through the week. We don’t see how this will improve quality and safety and better weekend outcomes.

“We have long been saying that a new funding settlement is needed for the NHS
. It is simply illogical to consider putting in place measures for a 7 day NHS, without having a clear idea of what sort of NHS we want, and what is required to maintain it in the future. Thus far, this issue has received little attention from the Government, and sadly, it is clear that junior doctors are the victims of the Government’s failure in tackling it.

“We are, however, pleased that this debate is now starting to happen, with Norman Lamb taking the lead on a campaign for a cross-party review of health and social care funding. As a think tank we will be putting our weight behind this initiative, and hope to support Mr Lamb in his efforts.”

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