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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Press Coverage 2010

30/12/2010 2011 "much tougher" for NHS IT - Sarah Bruce, ehealth insider

03/12/2010 2020health: Govnt must lead telehealth - ehealth insider

02/03/10 NHS needs to mainstream telehealth to cope with costs of long-term conditions - BJHCIM

01/12/2010 Business Cloud Summit 2010: A cloudy health check - Jon Wilcox,

23/11/2010 Think Tank calls for NHS telehealth strategy -

19/11/2010 Telehealth could save NHS £2bn - Dave West in HSJ

10/11/2010 2020health calls on Government to formally evaluate the pros and cons of emerging medical technologies - Jonathan Isaby in Conservative Home

25/10/2010 Prevention is a healthy work start - Sarah Richardson in the Evening Standard

13/10/2010 Emerging technologies should be evaluated - Jacquie Wise in the BMJ

28/09/2010 A new direction to build an NHS fit for the future by Julia Manning - Connected (NHS Supply Chain)

13/09/2010 Cruickshank:Clarity needed on future - EHI TV

09/09/2010 Reaction: The end of the National Programme for IT by Pulse

19/07/2010 How healthy is the transparency of NHS data? - Stuart Sumner, Computing Magazine

08/07/2010 DH forced to rethink vision - David West in the HSJ

02/07/2010 Quality framework 'should help patients get back to work' - Tom Ireland, GP Newspaper

20/06/2010 How to save the NHS £12bn in one year without stopping a single operation - Conservative Home

14/06/2010 Implementing Value-based pricing in the UK - InPharm  

10/06/2010 Connecting for Health - There May be trouble ahead... - Helen Mooney in the HSJ

20/05/2010 Coalition health policy: all action on the united front - Julia Manning on HSJ

29/04/2010 Rebooting the IT programme - John Cruickshank in the HSJ

28/04/2010 The General Election - Personal view: John Cruickshank on ehealth insider

15/04/2010 New NHS BT deal in London needs close scrutiny - Tony Collins blog at ComputerWeekly

8/04/2010 NHS IT programme supplier misses major deadline - Dave West in the HSJ

25/03/2010 New Contracts do not bring success - in Public Service

25/03/2010 IT value for money  - Dave West in the HSJ

24/03/2010 Rescue plan for flailing NHS IT could save £1bn, report claims - Pharma Times

24/03/2010 NPfIT expert warns of "months of review" following election - Nicola Brittain in Computing

24/03/2010 Realigning NPfIT could save £1bn, claims 2020health - BJHCIM

23/03/2010 'Rescue Plan’ to fix NPfIT -  John Hoeksma on ehealth insider

22/03/2010 Think-tank urges UK patient plan rejig - The Financial Times

8/03/2010 Wasting millions treating the worried well - Kirsty Walker in The Daily Mail

8/03/2010 NHS wasting millions on worried well top GP warns -  The Daily Telegraph

2/02/2010 People should know the real value of their NHS-funded medication - Julia Manning and Pav Kahlon on ConservativeHome

13/01/2010 Tories to axe alcohol units system - The Daily Mirror

12/01/2010 Stop "frivolous" waste of NHS, new report says - PharmaTimes

11/01/2010 Drunks on the NHS 'must pay for care' - Metro

11/01/2010 Drunken NHS patients should be 'fined', think tank says - Andrew Hough in The Daily Telegraph

11/01/2010 NHS should 'fine drunk patients' - Margaret David in The Independent

10/01/2010 Make addicts and drunks pay for NHS - Kirsty Buchanan in The Daily Express

10/01/2010 Tory adviser Julia Manning wants end to minor treatments on NHS - Jonathan Oliver in The Times

24/09/2009 NHS ignoring what NHS patients really value - PharmaTimes