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2020health Press Release Fixing NHS IT: Response to latest NPfIT contract reset

2020health issues a response to the recent announcements of the National Programme for IT.

In the light of today’s announcements by the Department of Health about the failure to agree contract reset terms with one of its two Local Service Providers (LSPs), the future of the NHS care records service is again brought into question. A leading health think tank is proposing a series of steps that the new Government should take to realign the troubled £12 billion National Programme for Information Technology (NPfIT).

The Department of Health had been seeking to agree new contracts with its two LSPs, CSC and BT, with a view to gaining agreement by 31 March 2010. While agreement has been reached in NHS London with BT, this has not been achieved in NHS North Midlands and East (NME) with CSC. This is apparently due to their failure to deploy its Lorenzo solution to the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust within the specified deadline.

2020health’s recent study, “Fixing NHS IT – an Action Plan for a New Government” (published on 22 March 2010) put forward a detailed rescue plan for NHS IT, with 30 detailed recommendations for action, all to be executed within 12 months of a new government taking office. In particular, the report set out a course of action with the Local Service Providers, including applying ten tests that a new Government should apply in its first three months and the follow-up steps needed.

"Although the contract reset with BT can be declared a success, its scope will only cover one half of the London acute trusts,” said John Cruickshank. “A careful review of the small print is needed to assess whether it is value for money.”

“In the case of the CSC contract position, the absence of a worked-up NHS contingency plan is worrying. In our report, we set out how to deconstruct the existing arrangements safely (keeping the parts that work well, in primary and community care).

“However, acute hospitals in NME need a proper choice of alternate suppliers to fit their own needs, while meeting clear interoperability standards. A new Government would need to scrutinise carefully the contingency plans for workability, given the fall-out from the Fujitsu termination in the South two years ago.”

“We believe the NHS IT programme can still be rescued and deliver improved patient outcomes, provided the new Government follows the pragmatic recommendations set out in our report” said Julia Manning, Chief Executive of


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2020health Report Fixing NHS IT: A Plan of Action for a New Government

Fixing NHS IT: A Plan of Action for a New Government

The report, 'Fixing NHS IT' puts forward a detailed rescue plan for the £12 billion National Programme for Information Technology (NPfIT). Recommendations are made for how to save £1bn and get IT working better for patients. read on Fixing NHS IT: A Plan of Action for a New Government