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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


2020health press release Public need to know what NHS vision is for

In response to the launch of public consultation on NHS reforms 2020health emphasise that the Public need to know the NHS vision is for.

A head of the Prime Minister’s expected announcement today that he is launching a public consultation on the NHS reforms and the opposition leader’s speech (which is trailed as criticising the method not the content of reforms), Julia Manning, CEO of 2020health said:

“There should be no change to the plans to develop GP led commissioning. People trust their GPs and it should be our local doctors who work out with other health professionals the services that a community needs. Doctors also need to know that if the service they offer is sub-standard that patients can go elsewhere. Competition is important and when GPs see the bills they are paying for services they will have a real stimulus to improve on value for money and prevention.

 “Likewise we must not forget what are behind these reforms – we have to improve the quality and efficiency of dealing with people long term conditions (LTCs). We cannot preserve the status quo as we have an ageing population. Acute hospitals have to wake up and smell the coffee and think more about diversifying and less about self-interest. Cold surgery for some of them is a loss leader so the complaint about the private sector ‘cherry picking’ is a red-herring.

“What the public do need to see is the vision for the NHS and clarity on:

·         where accountability lies – who can they complain to if something goes wrong, and that the Health Secretary will still have legal responsibility for the NHS;

·         what care is closer to home and what care is more safely delivered at a specialised centre that will be further away;

·         when they can have choice – we do not have the capacity, information, electronic records or workforce to be able to deliver choice at every level. You can’t go into Tesco and demand to be able to buy Morrison’s digestives.”