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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Self-interest must not trump the need to transform care

Self-interest must not trump the need to transform care

2020 welcomes many of the recommendations made by the Health Select Committee today.  

Gail Beer, Consultant Director said, “If these reforms are to achieve any meaningful outcomes without throwing the NHS into turmoil then governance arrangements and accountabilities need to be clearer. In determining this central government must take responsibility.    

“That said what we would not  welcome is a protracted argument on the reforms with a  watering down and slow erosion of the proposals  to placate self interested parties such that no meaningful reform takes place at all.

“Localism does need to be in place to ensure decisions on healthcare can be determined according to need and in achieving this we feel strongly that accountability and transparency of decision making are key.

“If we are to deliver the healthcare that patients deserve from their taxation and provide services that are comparable with other developed countries we must have change and this will require a reshaping of how we commission and deliver care however unwelcome that be may for some.”