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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Join our campaign - Stop night-time hospital discharge of the elderly

NOW read the response letters from University College London Hospitals and Guy's & St Thomas'. Click on the link to the right.

The (£) Times research today revealing that up to 400,000 people a year are discharged from hospital at night is shocking. Whilst a few patients will be mums who are going home after giving birth and some are sobered-up louts who had been admitted for observation, as 70% of hospital in-patients are elderly the majority of people effected will probably be over 65.

Every hospital Board should now be taking a leaf out of Newcastle Hospitals’ book not to discharge patients at night. The NHS was created to remove fear of not being cared for: we should not stand by and allow fear to return.

We have drafted a letter for you to download and send to your local hospital to get an agreement that they will not discharge any elderly person at night. Let us know if you make progress!

UCL & GSTT Letters (PDF, 102 KB)

23.04.2012 Response letters from UCLH & GSTT sent to Julia Manning