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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Trans World Radio UK Interview Failing hospitals in South London

Gail Beer, Consultant Director at 2020health interviewed by Phil Walker of Trans World Radio UK about the Secretary of State’s announcement that South London Healthcare NHS Trusts must get their financial affairs in order or an administrator will be appointed and their services may be handed over to other organisations. Gail stated ‘ financially failing trusts have been with us for a long time and this is a brave action by the SoS to try and resolve the problem rather than continue with short term measures’. She stressed the important of a robust failure regime, not for both financially and clinically failing trusts.

Gail said ‘this is an opportunity to radically rethink how and where we deliver services using the latest technology and thinking. Too many people are in hospital for too long. Service redesign and reconfiguration will be necessary and this will require GPs, hospitals and social care to work together.

Gail acknowledged that reshaping services is politically difficult. ‘When we start talking about service change people think it is about closing hospitals. Politicians get scared and then we miss an opportunity to do something new that might be better for the patient ‘.

While this represents an opportunity to do something radically different in South London we need to be careful we do not create a situation where there is only one provider and that patients have no say in how and where they are treated.