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Press Announcement Public Call for written evidence from Cross-Party Unwanted Pregnancy Inquiry

  • 04.09.2012
  • Amber Rudd MP
  • Deadline: 28th September 2012

This cross-party inquiry wants to understand the underlying factors behind unwanted pregnancies in the UK, with the intention of making a series of recommendations to the Government to reduce the level of unwanted pregnancies.

This inquiry invites submissions on the following points and related issues (please provide evidence to support your points where possible). Submissions need not cover all the points listed below. Answers can relate to a particular age group of women.

1. What is your view on the issue of unwanted pregnancy in the UK?

2. The evidence is that there are rising abortion rates in some age groups, rising repeat abortions, and high teenage pregnancy rates. What (if any) role is there for the Governemnt in handling the issues?

3. What lessons can be learnt from previous attempts to tackle unwanted pregnancies?

4. Are there any measures the Government should be implementing to reduce unwanted pregnancies?

When you submit evidence to the inquiry, you must put your name, profession and full postal address at the top of your submission. Written submissions should be provided to the inquiry as a Microsoft word document and sent by email to Please put "Written evidence for Unwanted Pregnancy Inquiry" in the subject heading.


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