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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


2020health Report What Woman Want: A Manifesto For Health 2010

In this manifesto 2020health has brought together some of the most experienced and competent women from the NHS, healthcare industries and health technology sector to share their views on the future of the NHS.


  • Baroness Jill Pitkeathly OBE Prue Leith OBE
  • Dr Iona Health CBE (President of the RCGP)
  • Miss Su-Anna Boddy (first mother to be Council member of RCS)
  • Matilda MacAttram (Director of Black Mental Health UK)
  • Nicola Hunter (Physio of the year 2009)

Key ideas

  • Patients to hold their electronic health record
  • Remove the private patient income cap on Foundation Hospitals
  • Restoring the Health Visitor Register
  • Treating older people with dignity
  • More health education in primary schools
  • Restore the cachet of caring
  • National validation scheme for patient information
  • Guarantee child-only wards for children with mental health issues
  • Keep food a priority in schools
  • Community physios that everyone can access
  • Ensure spending on treatment is not undermined by spending on prevention
  • Raising the status and remit of senior nurses
  • A proper written curriculum for surgery training
  • Don’t push too much care into the community as it can’t cope
  • Free supermarket deliveries for the elderly
  • Technology to promote safety in the home
  • Allow biotech companies to share hospital premises
  • More community health support for parents

“This report, which is a collection of policy ideas, analysis and discussion points, is designed to showcase the wealth of female talent in the healthcare industry. It’s not about feminism; it’s about equality of ideas.”

Julia Manning, Chief Executive, 2020health