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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


2020health Report The NHS as a National Asset

The NHS is a national asset. This report responds to NHS Future Forum's report and focuses on putting patients and growth at the heart of the NHS.

The current Health Bill has much to recommend it and in many ways flows in the direction of travel of the NHS reforms that have occurred under previous governments. The main failures in the current Bill we think are in the unnecessary complexity and lack of context, dismissal of the need for good management support and the omissions that we believe are crucial to ensuring a continuing, universal service.

The key omissions that would drive improved health benefits and stimulate economic growth are adoption of technology to transform long-term condition management, extension of co-payments and incentivising personal responsibility in healthcare.

Any Health Bill will be opposed by any number of organisations as there are vested interests to keep things the same, prevent limitations to their power or expose them to greater scrutiny. However it is in the public interest that improvements in quality of care, safety and stewardship are strived for in the NHS. Good clinicians will know that accountability should be a sine qua non of receiving tax payers’ money.
Our recommendations come under three headings:

1. Smarter spending

2. Improving the quality

3. Re-defining the caring experience


• Cited by HealthUK as promoting NHS experience abroad
• This report was the basis for our work on technology and the Public Health Records

The NHS as a National Asset (PDF, 351 KB)

The NHS as a National Asset

2020health's response to NHS Future Forum