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At least 80% of schools have “National Healthy School” status yet we have little evidence to show that here has been a positive impact on children’s prospects. The role of parents, the food industry, emerging Health and Wellbeing Boards and the Olympic legacy all need to be considered. Ultimately our children become parents and ensuring more children are able to make the most of their education and therefore their life prospects is in the national interest.

2020health Discussion Paper Head of Wellbeing: An essential post for secondary schools?

Head of Wellbeing: An essential post for secondary schools?

The ‘Head of Wellbeing’ concept was informed by four key considerations. The first was opinion from education professionals who see a clear need to raise wellbeing support within the whole-school community, for both pupils and staff. The second was the wide evidence base that acknowledges the health benefits – and economic sense – of prevention and early intervention. read on Head of Wellbeing: An essential post for secondary schools?


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Vaccination is one of the most important Public Health achievements in history. In the UK, ten childhood vaccinations – the Childhood Immunisation Programme (CIP) - are now available for children between the ages of 0 and 2 years. After the calamitous impact of the fallacious MMR scare, in many areas there is now good, average uptake of vaccination again. However England does not do as well as the devolved nations (Scotland and Wales in particular), which achieve the best coverage and there are still areas in England of significant variation in uptake. 



2020health Report Protecting the nation: Every child matters

Protecting the nation: Every child matters

The childhood immunisation programme needs greater clarity and efficiency if progress is to be made.
read on Protecting the nation: Every child matters

Mental Health

Mental health has long been a Cinderella service of NHS and should have a fairer share of the cake. Mental health problems do not just affect patients in isolation. These issues affect large numbers of families and also have an impact on a child’s friends, much more than physical health problems.


Pregnancy and childbirth is a good opportunity for providing nutrition advice. So much, often contradictory, information is available, it is difficult to know which to trust. Many people are more likely to trust their peers than anything they read. Health visitors and other early years professionals are necessary to support people in understanding how to live healthily.