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20/20health is an independent, social enterprise think tank working to improve health through research, campaigning, networking and relationships. We do not lobby on behalf of companies, organisations or individuals and retain editorial control of all our publications.

Founded in 2006 as an online platform to facilitate public and frontline professionals involvement in health and wellbeing, 20/20health has influenced opinion and action in fields as diverse as bioethics, obesity, emerging technologies, fraud, education, consumer health technologies and health for work.

In 2014, 20/20health was one of the founding partners of the Health Tech and You Awards along with Axa PPP and the Design Museum. Since 2016, 20/20health has increasingly focused on digital and public health in the community, including exploring the concept of Whole School Wellbeing. Health technology publications have covered NHS IT, telehealth, use of technology by the US Veteran’s Health Administration, personal electronic healthcare records and disruptive technology in the optical sector. 20/20health believes public and frontline participation in health and research are essential for improving healthcare.


Improving people’s health through evaluation, research and relationships


  • Harnessing the potential of digital health safely and securely
  • Creating a sustainable model of Whole School Wellbeing Communities
  • Ensuring strategic and robust evidence-based research to improve the public’s health


  • We have something to learn from everyone's experience
  • Everyone has something to contribute
  • We must steward our limited resources wisely
  • Honesty is the best policy

Powerful, authentic and practical ideas are generated when people with a passion for improving health and wellbeing come together. 20/20health works with patients, clinicians, managers, politicians, industry, economists, communities, innovators, teachers, volunteers, charities, the public and academia to reach our collective goals.