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20/20health.org was formed as an independent, social enterprise think tank at the end of 2006 by Julia Manning with the support of health professionals and many stakeholders in health. Right from the beginning the aim was to enable ‘the grassroots’ – public and frontline professionals – to develop and influence policy based on their knowledge, experience and expertise. Capturing this experience through qualitative research remains the core means by which we develop plans to improve health and wellbeing, complemented with academic quantitative expertise where appropriate. After 19 years in the NHS, Julia left to work full-time with 20/20health at the end of 2009.

Successful campaigns that have emanated from 20/20health’s policy research include for the public health body JCVI to remain separate from NICE, re-evaluation of flawed plans for value-based pricing of medicines, extending the right to have a Personal Health Budget and raising digital health innovator’s profiles through partnership with Axa PPP and the Design Museum in the ‘Health Tech and You Awards’ 2014-2018.

Our collaborators have come from many sectors, with funding sources including donations, unrestricted educational grants, government departments, charities and trade bodies. No donor has ever sat on the board of 20/20health, nor have funding from tobacco or alcohol companies ever been accepted. Our methodology prioritises listening to all relevant stakeholders and retaining editorial control of all our publications.

Anti-Bribery Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption regulations and to ensure that 20/20health’s business is conducted in a socially responsible manner. Please click here for more details or contact us for further information.

20/20health provides an invaluable forum for those who are interested in development and reform of the Health Service. Its meetings are always stimulating and thought provoking.

— Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, former MP & Chair of the Health Select Committee