Digital Health

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It’s important to remember that the purpose of computing is insight, not numbers!

(Prof Richard Hamming, President ACM 1958-60)

Technology has been changing the face of healthcare since the NHS began, but this century has seen the acceleration of digital IT infrastructure giving the public more access to information, and an explosion of communication tools, from the maturation of the internet to handheld devices, sensors and apps. 20/20health has, through largely qualitative research, explored possibilities from telehealth (in the UK and USA) to consumer health tech, robotics and optical care to electronic patient records.

Our goal of harnessing the potential of digital health safely and securely focuses on the individual technology user, putting their needs and control at the centre of our thinking. All technology research is underpinned by determination to promote privacy and security to enable connections with confidence.

20/20health ‘Smart Future of Healthcare’ report in the news

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