Richard Lucas

Advisory Board Member

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richard lucas

Richard built three businesses from scratch: dissolved one, left one, sold one. He is now working as the UK Managing Director of Tangent 90, a highly rated Digital consultancy and delivery business.

Previous career highlights include:

  • Dell computers - created an EMEA webcasting system which has saved over $1M and delivers a better communications platform broadcasting weekly to 113 countries.
  • IMC - conceived and delivered a website marketing system providing centralised web based solutions for Pharmaceutical communications and Key Opinion Leader Management.
  • Think London - developed the business intelligence dashboard for presenting London to Foreign Direct Investors.
  • Production of all the graphics and onset interactive elements for Goldeneye (James Bond Movie). Other movie work includes United 93, Hellboy II and The Da Vinci Code. Richard was also credited on Goldeneye and Hellboy II.

Richard's specialities include Digital Brand protection, leveraged business and marketing communications.