Smart Future of Healthcare

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Examining possibilities for smart meter data in health and care support

Jon Paxman, Matt James, Dr Enrico Costanza and Julia Manning 

This report comes at a time when COVID-19 is bringing into sharp focus health risks associated with social isolation. Many people have experienced a sense of health vulnerability and uncertainty, and serious illness has been left untreated or undiagnosed. Among the hardest hit are those living alone with frail health and long-term conditions – regardless of age. 

No amount of telehealthcare can substitute for physical closeness and contact, but what it can do is mitigate the health risks of living alone. It can do this by connecting people, identifying need as it arises through remote monitoring, enabling timely access to services and fast response to health crises.  

Our Smart Future of Healthcare report examines ways in which smart energy data can or may be used in remote health and wellbeing monitoring. We consider possibilities across three broad domains: ambient assisted living support, population-level screening and support, and self-monitoring. The report also considers energy–health sector research synergies and opportunities for realising solutions at scale.  

“An informal care offering with smart energy technology has already become a reality in Japan. Scaling affordable health and care solutions in Britain is always a challenge but remains urgent. Our ageing society indicates a future of much greater healthcare need, and smart meter technology could prove useful in making it easier and safer for people with conditions, such as dementia, to live independently in their homes for longer, delaying transition to the care home setting and providing peace of mind to family and loved ones. Harnessing this technology could bring benefits to all: patients, caregivers, family members and healthcare providers across the UK.”  

Julia Manning, Director, 20/20health

The executive summary can be viewed below:

The full report can be viewed below:

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