Yorkshire & the Humber Telehealth Hub

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John Cruickshank & Jon Paxman

This report presents the results of a qualitative evaluation of the Yorkshire and the Humber Telehealth Hub by 2020health. The University of Hull separately evaluated the quantitative results, which are also attached to this publication.


Conceived in 2010, the Hub aimed to demonstrate the benefits from delivering telehealth at scale to patients with chronic conditions. NHS Yorkshire and Humber (the SHA) invested £900,000 from its regional innovation funds to create and fund the Hub. In this way localities around the region could take advantage of a comprehensive, integrated programme of tele-technologies on a subsidised basis during 2011–12 provided from three partner organisations.

The aim for the Hub was to support care closer to home and deliver services to 2,100 patients, leading to fewer unnecessary admissions to hospital, healthier outcomes and lifestyles, and cost savings. At a high level, this aim was achieved with all three services demonstrating some reduction in secondary care usage.


  • This evaluation allowed us to highlight factors for success in deploying telehealth and has been referenced by many commissioners as an important source of information.
  • 2020health Consultant Director and report author John Cruickshank has spoken at Best Practice 2013 Conference and Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo 2013.
  • The Airedale Foundation Trust say that: “The telemedicine technology and new way of working has brought about a significant and real culture change in the way clinicians and physicians believe medical consultations can be delivered”. 

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